Pac-CJ - What?

“So it’s like Pac-Man, but the Man is CJ, me!”

“Ok, but that still doesn’t mean anything?”

My inspiration for a lot of things I do comes from a guy named Tom 7. I’ve never met this guy, but I do have a friend whos apartment has been run past by Tom 7. I know this because this lad ran the length of every street in Pittsburg and it only took him over 15 years.

So the idea of Tom’s Project, Pac-Tom, is that he’s Pac-Man, and the board is Pittsburg, and he ran through the board.

Now the idea of my very similar project, Pac-CJ, is that I’m Pac-Man, and the board is Moscow, Idaho, and I’m going to do it on my bicycle.

And also in one day, because Moscow is tiny in comparison.

I remember when I got this idea, it was a bit of a weird time. I watched this video after midnight on my laptop in a dark treehouse. I had recently returned from a lengthy stay in France, so being back in America was kind of strange. After watching the masterpiece video linked above I resolved to do something similar in Moscow.

And so, I will. This summer, on a (probably) Saturday not marred by poor weather or excessive heat, I’m going to go out into Moscow with my bike, a 360 camera I plan to steal borrow from work, and some sort of gps device to show me my route, which I hope to generate automatically to be as fast as possible.

The route is a story for another post, one which will start next time.